Arbroath Guildry Incorporation

Ian Ballantyne new dean Arbroath guildry
Dean of Arbroath – Ian Ballantyne MBE

The Arbroath Guildry was incorporated in 1725 as a result of a bargain made by the Town Council with the town’s merchants regarding the building of a new harbour to improve trade. At that time, the Guildry comprised the town’s principal merchants as well as other prominent citizens who became members so their subscriptions could help with the harbour costs.

The Guildry enjoyed extensive powers. In line with similar incorporations in other burghs, it could prevent “unfreemen” from opening shops to sell any kind of merchandise except on market days which were days of free trade. The Guildry also had jurisdiction in weights and measures and settled disagreements over property boundaries and generally supervised all house property to ensure it was kept in good repair.

The Guild Court, before which relevant cases were brought, could grant or refuse approval of plans for any house to be erected in the burgh.

Today, the Guildry’s main aims and objects are to promote civic pride and community spirit, arrange or support public events to those Dean of Arbroath – Ian Lambends, and to make grants to charitable organisations and individuals in Arbroath to advance education or ambition.

The Dean and Council normally meet in April and October to consider grants and the full Guildry meets in May and November to ratify or approve grants given.

The Guildry currently has an increasing membership approaching 70 representing all walks of life and many organisations in the community. It has forged a special link with Hospitalfield House, an internationally recognised centre for arts and culture, and financially supports the town’s secondary schools, Angus College and the Angus Training Group (in engineering) for their annual prizegivings.

A major campaign is underway to erect statues to William Small, Thomas Moonlight and David Buick, three sons of the town, who had a significant effect on the shaping of America as a nation.

Contact details:

Michael M. Sowden
Clerk to The Guildry
4 Lauder Road
Arbroath DD11 4JB
T: 01241 872363