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The Court of Deans of Guild of Scotland

Court of Deans of Guild of Scotland Chain

It's a challenging time for our guilds. We find ourselves in varying degrees of health. Some are doing well with growing memberships and healthy reserves, whilst many find the exact opposite! However, the centuries old, impressive legacy from the guilds’ achievements in shaping their respective communities have seen us all continue to this day.

We are now mostly defined by our charitable works and colourful contributions to the pageantry of our towns and cities. That is fine; we have a new purpose. What we should acknowledge, however, is that we are perhaps heading for a time of crisis. A time when the residual affection of our communities is not enough to sustain us.

This Court of Deans, therefore, has a responsibility as the umbrella organisation, to foster cooperation and dialogue between our guilds that we might go on into the future with our renewed purpose underpinned by effective management and husbandry of our resources. As Lord President for this astonishingly quick year, I look forward to working with you all in our shared endeavour.

Lord President - Harry Simpson
Lord President
Harry Simpson