Charitable Activities of the Guilds


Robert Watson Watt, Brechin

The Robert Watson Watt Society was set up in 2006 by the City of Brechin Area Partnership to recognise the work of Sir Robert Watson Watt. Sir Robert was a pioneer born in Brechin who developed the Chain Home Radar System and fighter control important to the UK in response to the Luftwaffe from 1939. This was the forerunner for the radar system today for Air Traffic Control. The Brechin Guildry have led the community response to sponsor a statue of Sir Robert which should be completed and erected in the town in 2013.


By Charter and Acts of Parliament, the Guildry elects representatives to public bodies including schools such as Hutcheson School, Glasgow, Merchant Company schools in Edinburgh, and other schools throughout Scotland. The Guildries are involved in various enterprise arrangements for education and the gifting of bursary awards for learning and projects both in the UK and at an International level.

Frail & Elderly

Many of the Guildry organisations provide support to the frail and elderly through the provision of an Almoner to assist pensioners with accessing benefits and other financial awards. In addition, some of the Guildries provide support to frail and elderly homes.

Classic Buick
Photo Credit: Hugo90 via Compfight cc

Historic Recognition

David Dunbar Buick was born in Arbroath in 1854 and emigrated to the USA. He became interested in the internal combustion engine and in the late 1800s formed Buick Motor Company inventing the overhead valve engine. His name is borne on 40 million vehicles worldwide and continues to be sold globally.